Work-Life Balance Not Working?

Great Organizations Help Employees Strive for Work-Life Alignment

Introducing a Work-Life Alignment e-Learning Course for Managers

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Life Is Complicated

And when employees are unable to align job responsibilities with life’s demands . . . organizations suffer.

Warning Signs

  • Star employees leave
  • Teams argue
  • Employees gripe
  • Healthcare costs rise
  • Important projects fail

These problems are preventable when managers learn how they influence work-life alignment.

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It’s Not Hopeless 

With the war for talent heating up, the need for new, work-life attitudes and practices is paramount for attracting and retaining top talent. When managers ignore work-life issues, the impact on both productivity and morale can be devastating to an organization.

This e-learning course underscores the problem and provides practical solutions for your managers.

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Utilizing Managers to Create Work-Life Alignment

Four Essential Strategies Help Employees Reduce Work-Life Conflict and Improve Productivity

Discover how your organization’s managers are the key to:

  • Decreasing Turnover
  • Improving Morale
  • Decreasing Absenteeism
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Perception vs. Reality

Kossek and Hammer (2008)

Research conducted by our partners, Dr. Ellen E. Kossek and Dr. Leslie B. Hammer found a 50% gap between managers’ views of their support of work-life alignment and the employees’ perception.

Kossek and Hammer discovered four specific manager behaviors will reduce work-life conflict and positively impact employee engagement, retention, and well-being. 


Gap Between Managers and Employee's

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Employee Well-Being Begins With Work-Life Alignment 

Dr. Ellen Ernst Kossek, leading social scientist, thought leader on work-family and employment issues, and chaired professor at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management, shares facts, insights, and observations from her 30 years of organizational behavior, gender, and work-family research.

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Grounded in Research, Designed for Practical Application

Utilizing the research and evidence gathered by collaborators Dr. Ellen Kossek and Dr. Leslie Hammer, this e-learning program focuses on the four manager behaviors that make a real difference in employees’ work-life alignment.