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Let’s face it. Work-life balance isn’t working. The realities of life and work consistently cause people stress and anxiety. It doesn’t have to be this way.  We provide organizations with practical, research-based training programs, processes, and policies, so that their people can move beyond failed attempts at work-life balance to successful Work-Life Alignment.



Our first people manager training program Creating Work-Life Alignment:  Four Essential Strategies to Help Employees Reduce Work-Life Conflict and Improve Productivity will be available in May 2021*. This virtual and blended learning program introduces four key techniques that managers can put into practice to immediately help their people create better Work-Life Alignment.


*Qualified human resource and organization development professionals can register here to obtain one complimentary course admission.

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Grounded in Research

Research conducted by our partners, Dr. Ellen E. Kossek and Dr. Leslie B. Hammer found a 50% gap between managers’ views of their support of work-life alignment and the employees’ perception.

Over a decade of evidence-based research indicates that four managerial behaviors will:

  • Improve employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • Positively impact employees’ health and well-being
  • Reduce turnover

Juggling work commitments, family obligations, and personal responsibilities can be stressful. And ignoring work-life conflicts will not only cause problems for employees, but it will impact your organization through engagement and productivity challenges. People managers play a key role in helping employees create a sustainable work-life balance. Give them the tools they need to evolve from work-life balance to work-life alignment.

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