Low Engagement? High Burnout?

Your Managers Are the Solution


Introducing a Work-Life Alignment e-Learning Course for Managers

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Managers Are Cracking

With employee burnout reaching record levels, managers are caught in the middle of a rising tide of expectations and their team’s desire for a more balanced lifestyle . . . and organizations are suffering.

Burnout Warning Signs:

  • Low engagement
  • Dipping productivity
  • High absenteeism
  • Safety issues

Are you supporting your managers in combatting burnout?

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Burnout is Preventable

Gallup recently reported that U.S. engagement dropped to its lowest level in more than a decade. However, the organizations that are bucking this trend are focused on implementing practices that support managers.

Flexibility is key. When managers learn how to foster a culture of trust, safety, and flexibility, employees will thrive.  

Our Creating Work-Life Alignment  e-learning course is a scalable, cost-effective burnout prevention solution for your managers.

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Utilizing Managers to Create Work-Life Alignment

Four Essential Strategies to Help Employees Reduce Work-Life Conflict, Increase Engagement, and Improve Well-Being.

Discover how your organization’s managers are the key to:

  • Decreasing Turnover
  • Improving Morale
  • Decreasing Absenteeism
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Perception vs. Reality

Kossek and Hammer (2008)

Research conducted by our partners, Dr. Ellen E. Kossek and Dr. Leslie B. Hammer found a 50% gap between managers’ views of their support of work-life alignment and the employees’ perception.

Kossek and Hammer discovered four specific manager behaviors will reduce work-life conflict and positively impact employee engagement, retention, and well-being. 


Gap Between Managers and Employee's

Complimentary Webinar Recordings Now Available!

Employee Well-Being Begins With Work-Life Alignment 

Dr. Ellen Ernst Kossek, leading social scientist, thought leader on work-family and employment issues, and chaired professor at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management, shares facts, insights, and observations from her 30 years of organizational behavior, gender, and work-family research.

Managers are the Linchpins to Employee Well-Being and Talent Retention 

Our own Steve Dion was a featured speaker at HRCI’s Higher Standard Micro Summit. His presentation delves into the integral role of managers in combating employee stress and the Big Quit.
(Steve was the second speaker, so his recorded presentation starts at 1 hour 3 minutes.)

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Grounded in Research, Designed for Practical Application

Utilizing the research and evidence gathered by collaborators Dr. Ellen Kossek and Dr. Leslie Hammer, this e-learning program focuses on the four manager behaviors that make a real difference in employees’ work-life alignment.

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4 Management
Must-Do's to Boost Employee Well-Being

Discover how to prevent burnout, decrease turnover, and improve well-being.


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